Our architecture experts can handle any project from original design and implementation to re-engineering your existing systems.



The infrastructure of an information technology system should be like a utility - there when you need it. Therefore, a solid design must be part of the implementation. As part of a solid infrastructure design, system components must be reliable and scalable, there must be no single points of failure, the network must be fast and resilient, and problems must be automatically detected before the customer becomes aware of an issue.

How We Can Help

Technology Services provides design and project management services for IT infrastructure projects of all sizes. We architect new systems from the ground up or re-engineer existing systems for performance and enhanced features. We work closely with software development teams to match the system design to the application. Technology Services evaluates multiple options for price and performance to make the most cost-effective recommendations. We act as the primary consultant or as sub-contractor on multi-disciplinary projects.

Our expertise includes:

  • System Design & Architecture
    • Mobile and Web Applications
    • Virtualization
    • Database
    • Storage
    • Network
    • Data Collection & Distribution
    • System Management
  • Project Management
    • Scope Development
    • Scheduling and Budget
    • Vendor Coordination